Welcome to Helen's Things.  Here you can see most of my pencil drawings, pen & inks and acrylic paintings. 

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Helen's Things
Original Artwork by Helen Haniffy
"Farm for Sale" 16 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas.  This was painted from a 4 X 6 picture I took on my way home from a visit at my parents house, 206 North.  I just hope when its sold, it stays a farm.
"In Her Shoes"  8 X 10 Charcoal.  I took a pair of my own shoes, put them on my coffee table and drew them using a charcoal pencil.  This was the first sketch I did in charcoal. 
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"Farm for Sale" 16 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas.
"The Delaware River" Rain Barrel for water conservation.  More to come about the program and how to get your own rain barrel. 
"7-Spot" 8x10 color pencil.  still haven't decided if I will add the leaf she was sitting on.
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7- Spot
8 x 10 $20.00