I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, and have completed several murals for family and friends.  I attended an art college on a summer scholarship where my artistic abilities were expanded into sculpture.  Since then, I have attended several juried art shows, (will be posting my show schedule soon) have been commissioned to draw several universities across the country, (Pen & Ink) creating portraits, tattoo designs and participate in painting workshops for water conservation (coming soon, page about rain barrels and how to get your own) and youth programs.

Helen's Things
Original Artwork by Helen Haniffy
"New Jersey Beach" , inspired by a family vacation .
16 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas
"Full Show Moon", this was drawn from a 4 X 6 photo I took in my back yard.  The Native American's inspired the name based on the February full moon. 
"The Delaware River" Rain Barrel for water conservation.  More to come about the program and how to get your own rain barrel. 
Each section is an individual 8 x 10 pencil drawing, pieced together to create the "Swan"
"Ol Barney" 16 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas.  We even climbed to the top on a summer vacation to LBI.  SOLD.
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