I believe in collaborating with you to display the unique images you are looking for.  I offer a variety of different services, depending on your needs.

This is a partial list of the types of services I have offered up to now, but there is always the possibility that I will add more options to the list, depending on demand. 

The current list includes:

       - Album Covers      - Paintings          - Fine Art   -    Decorative Writing
       - Sketches-  Pen & Ink-  Tattoo designs      -    Signs
-  Framing-  Greeting Cards       - Portraits  -    Certificates


Helen's Things
"Even The Angels Cry" 8 x 10 Pencil.  I found this statue when I was at the graveyard by my home.
Original Artwork by Helen Haniffy
"Even The Angels Cry" 
8 X 10 Pencil 
Inspired by a statue I found in the graveyard by my home.
5" x 5" Water Color on paper "Tree Frog"
5" x 5" Watercolor on Pencil "Tree Frog"
"Semper Fi" 8 x 10 Pencil
"Semper Fi" 8" x 10" Pencil, Thanks to everyone who serves this country.
I also work with 501C3 and non-profit organizations.  I would be happy to draw your church or a scene that I will sell for you, donating a portion of the proceeds to your 501C3.  Proper validation required.
Prices for original renderings are listed on my pricing page, if the work is extremely large or detailed, pricing may be effected.

If you don't see your size listed, just ask.
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